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Queer as Folk Comes to the Machine Room

1 September 2003

LONDON, UK, September 2nd 2003: Full-service DVD facility, The Machine Room, is producing the Definitive Collector's Edition DVD box set of the gay Channel 4 drama serial 'Queer as Folk'. Released by Channel 4 Video on 8th September, the series tracks the life of three men living it large in Manchester's gay village. The DVD includes all ten episodes of series 1 & 2 plus a raft of extra features on a fourth extras disc.

Felix Burton, DVD Producer at The Machine Room, said that the hardest challenge was to "bring together the vast amounts of footage and to give the discs a uniform and seamless look and feel." The client was presented with a whole host of extra features to incorporate into the discs. Making of interviews, video montages, photo galleries and a number of contemporary documentaries made the final cut, as well as extended and deleted scenes with recorded commentary from the cast and crew. All the episodes also benefited from newly recorded commentaries.

DVD Production Manager Tony Bradley commented: "Channel 4 Video had already released series 1 & 2 of Queer As Folk separately, and from the start we set out to produce what would be the definitive release of this groundbreaking series. I think that in conjunction with Channel 4 Video, this is exactly what we've achieved."

The Machine Room used its digital linear online suites and After Effects to create the animated menus, and authored the discs on Spruce DVD Maestro.

About The Machine Room
The Machine Room has over 12 years' experience of providing professional services to the film, television and video markets. It offers clients - including the BFI, IWM, TWI, Paramount, Shed, MGM, HIT Entertainment, MTV and the BBC - highly experienced operators with cutting edge technology to provide non-linear editing facilities, HD post-production, DVD authoring and encoding and film mastering and treatment services.

Project: 'Queer as Folk' DVD box set
Client: VCI / Channel 4 Video
Producer: Karl Flaschke
DVD Production: The Machine Room
The Machine Room DVD Producer: Felix Burton
The Machine Room designer: David Earls
The Machine Room authors: David Hayward and Mick Angles