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Granada Visual Adopt Dam Technology from Arkemedia

1 August 2003

Granada Visual, the division responsible for the worldwide distribution and exploitation of all Granada footage content has struck a recent deal with digital asset management specialists ARKEMEDIA, to implement and install the first phase of their bespoke Digital Asset Management System (DAM), ArkEMedia.

The system will be trialled for six months after a successful pilot last year convinced the broadcaster to invest further in this sophisticated content management system.

The system was originally trialled in April 2002 to test end-to-end workflow and functionality for managing both data and video assets for Granada's footage sales department, Granada Visual. ARKEMEDIA software is at the core of the system which archives and manages video and audio content including raw footage, single items and complete programmes. The pilot phase has vastly improved the workflow processes through the creation of a fully searchable visual database, designed to tag specific metadata to streamable clips. This is enhanced by digitised video using Windows Media 9 Series. Additionally, the project allows the ingestion of current programme databases and interface with existing rights management software.

During this second phase of this project, ARKEMEDIA will be acting as System Integrators to, facilitate, develop and manage the system. The Granada team will be ingesting, cataloguing, and managing the footage to provide improved customer service for its expanding client base in the UK and overseas. With over 120,000 hours of diverse programming to draw on, ingest priorities will be determined by market need.

The system provides a single point of access to both clip data and video from the libraries of all national Granada owned companies including: Anglia TV, Border TV, Granada TV, HTV Network, LWT, Meridian, Partridge, Survival, Tyne Tees TV and Yorkshire TV.

The collection covers genres from entertainment, music, drama, documentary, news, personalities, wildlife and stock-shots.

Granada Visual has implemented this service in a drive to improve customer service levels whilst managing assets and metadata in-house in a more cost effective and efficient way. Granada Visual is committed to a proactive approach to footage sales that builds on flexibility but also prioritises commercially attractive material.

"This implementation is a significant step forward for our organisation, both in preserving material for future use and making sure that we make as much of Granada's footage available for sale as possible" comments Amanda Deadman, General Manager of Granada Visual. She adds, "Early in the testing stage, it was obvious that ARKEMEDIA's software was an efficient, flexible and sophisticated platform for managing both the volume and variety of material we represent. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with ARKEMEDIA as we move into the next phase of growth".

Vincenzo Roberti, Managing Director at ARKEMEDIA Technologies stated, "more and more of our customers are demanding DAM solutions designed to minimise complexity, while ensuring scalability and positioning them for the future. We are very pleased to have begun the first phase of this landmark installation."

The installation of the Arkemedia platform at Granada Visual will be complete by early September 2003

About Granada Visual

Launched in April 2002, Granada Visual provides a single point of access to footage from the libraries of all Granada owned companies: Anglia TV, Border TV, Granada TV, HTV Network, LWT, Meridian, Partridge, Survival, Tyne Tees TV and Yorkshire TV. An ever increasing catalogue of over 120,000 hours of diverse programming and materials from the past 50 years of television, the collection covers genres from entertainment and music to drama and documentaries or news and personalities to wildlife and stockshots.

Granada Visual is the footage sales house for all of Granada's production companies including Anglia, Border, Granada, HTV Network, LWT, Meridian, Partridge, Survival, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire TV. The collection covers all genres from entertainment, music, drama, documentaries, plus news, personalities, wildlife and stockshots. Granada Visual's main clients are in the broadcast market, but the group is keen to harness new media opportunities and has achieved considerable growth in non-broadcast markets such as advertising, corporate video, retail TV and, most recently, in the mobile phone market with a major content supply deal for Vodafone.


ARKEMEDIA is an independent company created to provide broadcasters and content owners with digital asset management solutions designed for the specific needs of the industry, and with the emphasis on maximising throughput and asset value without disrupting existing workflows. The browser-based content management system is modular in construction, allowing systems to be built from ingest through archiving, search, playout and re-purposing. ARKEMEDIA is already in use with a number of major content owners and managers.


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