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WGBH Media Library: News release: "Evolution" Footage Available

1 July 2003

The WGBH Media Library is pleased to announce that footage from the PBS series, EVOLUTION, is now available for licensing.

EVOLUTION, which premiered on PBS September 24 - 27, 2001, travels around the world to examine evolutionary science and the profound effect it has had on society and culture. From the genius and torment of Charles Darwin to the vast changes that spawned the tree of life, from the role of mass extinctions in the survival of species to the power of sex to drive evolutionary change, EVOLUTION is fascinating and far-reaching in scope.

The collection consists of over 250 hours of 16mm-originated, 16:9 footage stored on digital betacam cassettes. Highlights include:

Aerials and beauty shots of the Andes Mountains, the rain forests of Ecuador, the valleys of Thailand, the grassy plains of Uganda, and the Bavarian countryside.
Recent time-lapse and specialty footage of the sun, moon and clouds.
Rare and exotic animal species - ranging from bonobos and red-footed boobies, to peacocks, lemurs and hummingbirds.
New animations explaining DNA, HIV, the human brain, asteroid impacts and the evolution of hominids.
Realistic recreations of our hunter/gatherer ancestors.
EVOLUTION is a co-production of the WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Clear Blue Sky Productions.

To search for EVOLUTION footage, visit the WGBH Media Library/Stock Sales web site at or contact the Stock Sales department at (617) 300-3939 for more information.