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APTN: News Release: Exclusive Iraqi Interview

1 July 2003

Exclusive rights to an English language interview with Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf have been secured by APTN Library.
The former Iraqi information Minister has not been seen since the war, when he became a cult figure for his daily briefings. His talent for extravagant condemnation of the Coalition forces, and his apparent ability to deny the truth in the face of overwhelming evidence earned him star status. Even President George W Bush was known to be a fan of the man who was dubbed Comical Ali in the press.

Mr Sahaf said that he has been in hiding since the end of the war but surrendered to American troops through intermediaries. He was not on the list of most-wanted figures from the former regime and says he was released after a brief interrogation. This is his first appearance since the war and only English language interview.

APTN is the world's leading video news agency and covered the war from all sides with dozens of cameras, live uplinks and access to pooled material. The APTN Library has seen strong interest in Iraq footage with a number of major sales to home video and documentary makers in the pipeline.

APTN Library also holds exclusive rights to the interview with Saddam Hussein carried out before the war by former British MP Tony Benn.

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