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Imperial War Museum: Information: Online Catalogue

1 May 2003

The Imperial War Museum, London (UK) is pleased to announce that the catalogue of its Film and Video Archive is among the collections databases that can now for the first time be searched over the IWM website. "Collections On-line" can be accessed from the main Museum website - - or by going directly to By using a selection tool at the top right hand corner of the screen, users have the option of exploring all the Museum's collections at the same time, or of concentrating on one in particular.
At this stage, the facility offers illustrative access across all eight of the Museum's collections on a number of pre-selected themes, but only the catalogues of the Film and Video Archive, the Sound Archive, and the Department of Documents have been fully loaded. Additional collections will be added later this year.

The FVA's database of approximately 20,000 records incorporates less than half of the total collection of over 50,000 titles, although it does cover important components including virtually the whole of the collection from before 1930.

The Film and Video Archive would welcome comments, whether positive or negative, about the searchability and content of the Collections On-line database. Please email such comments to

Roger Smither
Keeper, Film and Photograph Archives
mperial War Museum, Lambeth Road,
London SE1 6HZ, UK

Tel: (UK) 020 7416 5290 (International) +44 20 7416 5290
Fax: (UK) 020 7416 5299 (International) +44 20 7416 5299