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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 August 2003


Aerials of England from Skyworks

Skyworks began acquiring footage for its aerial library in the early summer of 2002. So far, the library comprises footage of hundreds of locations in the south-west, south-east and heart of England. All the footage has been shot widescreen on digibeta using the best gyro-stabilised video system available (the Ultramedia) mounted on a squirrel helicopter. The archive comprises over a hundred hours of footage.

This footage has been acquired during Skyworks production of aerial history programmes for Carlton's regions. For Central's Sky High programmes, the team filmed throughout the midlands, from the Welsh borders in the West to the Fens in the east, and from the Cotswolds in the south to the Peak District and Cheshire in the north. In making two series for HTV West and West Country, the team filmed comprehensively throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Avon, and also acquired footage in Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and south Wales. For the London series, the team has filmed not only the capital city in great detail, but also the surrounding counties in the south-east of England.

The library incorporates a great variety of locations, including prehistoric monuments, castles, churches, cathedrals, landscapes, cities (by day and night), modern buildings and structures, country parks and houses, canals, railways, roads, temples, seaside resorts, mountains, coastline, rivers, forests. There is also plenty of generic material (weather, landscape, agriculture, urban, etc). The variety of footage in the library is vast, ranging from tight shots taken from a few feet off the ground to wide shots taken from 10,000 feet. There are also fast low flybys, sweeping pans, subtle reveals and long developing shots, starting tight at ground level and ending with a wide high overview of the subject in its environs.

The sophistication of the camera system combined with the meticulous planning and vast experience of the aerial team has lead to the creation of a substantial aerial library of exceptional quality. It is Skyworks' intention to continually grow the library in the future. With this in mind, there will be approximately another forty hours of material added in the autumn.

This new material come as fantastic addition to the aerials of the United Kingdom from the Flying Pictures collection, already available through Moving Image.

Tvam Memorabilia...

'I'll be back'.... Infamous words uttered by the current candidate in the race for Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Movie star and ex winner of Mr Universe, Arnie has plenty to talk about and where better to discuss your latest action sequence than the TVAM sofa? The eighties were Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher times and Arnold Schwarzenegger was promoting his career in the film industry. He felt like an American citizen already. Did he know he would follow a political career 20 years later?

Robbie Williams recently attracted 120,000 screaming teenagers to Knebworth and praise indeed was adorned on the Ex-Take That member in BBC's 'There's Only One Robbie Williams,' TVAM archive courtesy of Moving Image Communications Ltd.

Congratulations to Ulrika Jonsson who married Lance Gerrard-Wright last week. It was with TVAM that she burst onto Britain's television screens as the weather girl on the breakfast show when she previously got married in 1990.

Wacky Sports
Wacky sports have joined our library with canoeing across snow capped peaks, cycling down snow covered mountains, naked cycling, naked skiing and of course snow carting, all ideal candidates for entertainment. America's latest and wackiest bloopers become available for consumption at Moving Image. Mixing up a cool blend of sport bloopers with everyday mishaps this is a cocktail guaranteed to make event the sternest of critic's crack a smile on the sofa.

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