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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 June 2003


Moving Image Communications is pleased and proud to be a major contributor to the ARKive project, which was launched in Bristol on 20th May 2003.

ARKive, an initiative of the Wildscreen Trust, is the world's most important digital library of nature films, photographs and sound recordings, brought together in order to build a portrait of Earthâs endangered plants and animals. ARKive is now offering access to multimedia portraits of species at risk of extinction. Via the internet: for pleasure, learning and research.

Sir David Attenborough, ARKive patron, was the chief guest at the reception and paid tribute to the late Chris Parsons who first brainchild ARKive. Also present that evening were wildlife television personalities, award-winning wildlife photographers and leading conservationists as well as ARKive main sponsors: Hewlett Packard, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the New Opportunities Fund.

Material was projected onto the IMAX screen and Moving Imageâs song thrush clip received rapturous applause.

Moving Image also provided ARKive with other material from the Wild Islands collection such as Adonis Blue, Atlantic Salmon, Grey Partridge, Lulworth Skipper, Marsh Fritillary, Red Squirrel, Smooth Snake and Spotted Flycatcher. Video clips are gradually incorporated in the ARKive on-line library and more of our resource will be added in a near future.

Click here to see photos of the ARKive launch.

Britain On View

The British Tourist Authority, Image Resource Centre (Britain on View) has created a web site to give on-line access to their collection of still and moving images. As Moving Image hold the entire BTA film collection in their library, BOV have decided to use Moving Imageâs search engine on their web site. This allows users all over the world to access Moving Image's database which includes text descriptions and video clips for most of the recent BTA films.

Simply go to and click on the film reel icon to "Search for film and video footage". Along with the BTA collection, you can also search the Flying Pictures collection. At the bottom of the page, ãVisit the Moving Image Database to search more imagesä leads to the Moving Image web site where our entire collection, which includes a lot more British imagery, can be searched.

Sport collection from Denis Johnson

Moving Image Communications has been appointed as the exclusive worldwide representative of the sport collection that producer Denis Johnson has been building for over 20 years.

The collection includes a large variety of sports events, covering Formula 1, motor rallying, motorcycle hill climbing, winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh, summer sports such as surfing, funboarding as well as sailboarding, yachting, climbing, rafting, mountain bike, triathlon, football and more.

The collection includes a Profile Series featuring sport champions such as Alain Prost and Jean Vuarnet, including both event footage and interviews, and also bloopers compilations.

Apart from the sports themselves, the library contains stock shot material of the many world locations filmed as part of Denis Johnsonâs international work.

The material is available as edited programmes (but rushes are accessible) and is being exploited for clip sales for the first time.

More 35mm material

More 35mm material recently arrived to join Moving Image collections, including wonderful football footage. It shows slow motion sequences of players training, dribbling the ball, running between obstacles, bouncing balls on knees and heads. A professional match is also available.

Also included in this new addition is a variety of shots such as hands scooping up water, New York streets, gambling and card games, plane taking off, flying and landing, and more sport with an ostrich race, cricket and a stadium packed with crowd.


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