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WGBH Stock Sales launches Digital Images Collections, Upgrades Site

12 December 2008

WGBH Stock Sales launches Digital Images Collections, Upgrades Site

WGBH Stock Sales announces the launch of two digital image collections, the American History collection and the WGBH Signature Collection featuring Julia Child stills. In addition, the WGBH Stock Sales site has been upgraded and customers can now search across video clips, stills and off line footage (described in an extensive text database) and retrieve results simultaneously. Watermarked stills can be downloaded from both collections for comping purposes.

The WGBH Stock Sales site already offers online video clips, available to customers since December 2006.

The American History collection, which will be available via ecommerce very shortly, features etchings, prints, original documents, photographs, illustrations, cartoons and posters. Strongest in the 1800’s, the collection spans Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492 up through events in 1996. Specific categories include: Advertising and Illustrations, Buildings and Architecture, Business and Industry, Arts, Sports and Leisure, War and Conflict, US History and American Life, World Culture, Political & Social Issues, Portraits, African and Native Americans, Animals & Nature, Science & Invention and Maps & Geography.

“The collection is a treasure trove of surprising images, priced very competitively, which are especially well suited for American history producers, publishers and educators”, says Alison Smith, who heads up WGBH Stock Sales. Viewers may browse the images by category or search for a specific image.

The second collection, The WGBH Signature Collection, features never before seen stills of Julia Child, who brought French cooking to millions of American households thru public television and her numerous cookbooks. In addition, other WGBH production photographs will be available for sale from this collection as well.

The new image collections can be accessed either via the WGBH Stock Sales home page or directly at

WGBH Stock Sales offers footage from its award-winning prime time public television series including NOVA, NOVA scienceNOW, FRONTLINE, FRONTLINE/World, American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, ZOOM, The French Chef, and limited series such as Rx for Survival, Evolution, Africans in America, and much more. The extensive archive of footage dates back to the 1950s.

Clients of WGBH Stock Sales include the BBC, National Geographic, the History Channel, and numerous educators and text book publishers. WGBH footage has been licensed to appear everywhere from feature films (Pirates of the Caribbean, Adaptation) to network news programming (60 Minutes, Good Morning America) and television commercials (Whirlpool and Coca-Cola).

Press Contact:
Alison Smith
WGBH Stock Sales