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We are delighted to announce that Archive Zones - the unique magazine dedicated to the commercial audio visual industry - is going digital - and the advertising rates are coming down!!

From Summer 2016, instead of a limited print run of 2,250 copies, the publication will reach out to over 8000 contacts on our mailing list. We will be able to gather better statistics on who is reading the magazine and a further advantage for you is that each advertisement that you place will have a direct hyperlink to your company website, so be sure to give us the correct URL for you to monitor incoming
visitors. In time, this technology will also provide the potential to embed videos and fully exploit all the benefits of social media to get your message out to customers.

Once all the contacts on our mailing list have been sent the digital magazine, we will continue to keep an archive copy on our website

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To discuss rates, please contact Anne Johnson or Amanda Dantas at the FOCAL office on Tel +44 (0)20 3178 3535 or