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ARCHIVE ZONES - Editorial Style Bible

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It would help both the Editor and the members of the Editorial Committee who proof read Archive Zones, if copy submitted to the journal could be submitted in the following form:

• Typed in single spacing, 12pt Arial and justified left.
• All titles in italics (but not with inverted commas). This covers: films, books, programmes and series, plays, musical works, newspaper titles etc.
• Double inverted commas to be used for all direct quotes.
• Single inverted commas to be used for:
Quotes within quotes
Use of descriptive words and tags e.g. “So from the ISL ‘ashes’ the new ATP ‘phoenix’ began to arise”.
• No underlining. Use bold typefaces to emphasise words or phrases but do not put proper names in bold, even in reports of conferences.
• Please use days, months (in full, please) and years (also in full) when giving dates but no suffixes e.g. 23 January 2003 (not 23rd) and reverse the order where the year is not given e.g. January 23.
• Telephone numbers (bearing in mind that FOCAL is an international organisation) in the same style for all countries e.g. +44 (UK); +1 (USA); +33 (France) etc.
• Use single words rather than two words or a hyphenated one for words such as email, website and online
• Use No. as an abbreviation for ‘number’ not the symbol #
• Where you supply stills to go with your article, please include (even where it is apparently obvious) a caption and a copyright credit in the precise form in which it should appear in the magazine. NB: We can supply, on request, a note on the technical requirements for photographs
• By-lines – Archive Zones will be available on the FOCAL website and we want readers to identify with our writers. Please supply with your copy a brief career outline (max 75 words) and update as necessary.
• In addition we also ask you to supply contact details – phone number (with international prefix and area code) and email address.
• All copy and pictures should be emailed to the Editor at:


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